The firm advises companies operating in entertainment, print and digital media and broadcasting sectors including gaming & sports on a range of legal and regulatory issues.

Scope of Services

Advertising, Media & Broadcasting laws, guidelines, rules and regulations;
Registrations, licenses and compliances under the relevant regulations;
Public policy issues and initiatives;
Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals;
Television format rights and script options and purchases;
Talent, performers and key-creatives’ rights, agreements and releases;
Multi-media, digital and new technology services;
User generated content and Website and service terms and conditions;
Privacy and data protection;
Information Technology related issues such as cyber-squatting, spamming; Agreements including Distribution & Licensing, Master Services, Commissioning, Merchandising and Sponsorship, Music Composer etc.;
Intellectual Property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs law, moral rights, passing off;
Obscenity, sedition, censorship and content regulation;
Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisitions and related agreements;
Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation